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What is a Carpet Cleaning Service and Where Can I Find One in Drayton NN11 9?

From fleas and dust mites to mould and bacteria, your carpet can be home to many uninvited guests. A carpet cleaning service can help you get rid of them. Here is where you can find one in Drayton NN11 9.

If you regularly vacuum your carpet and scrub out spills and stains from time to time, you may see little point in taking help from a carpet cleaning service. What you don’t get is that your carpet harbours a lot more miscreants than what catches the eye.

While it is possible for you to spot dirt, spills and stains on your carpet with your naked eye, you’d have a hard time spotting mould, bacteria, dust mites and other hidden pests ruining your carpet. This makes comprehensive carpet cleaning necessary and carpet cleaning services can provide you with it.

Definition of Carpet Cleaning

So, it’s established that comprehensive carpet cleaning is the way to go. But, what does this type of carpet cleaning entail. You’d have a good idea of this if you understood what carpet cleaning included. So, let’s get started with the definition of carpet cleaning and everything that it includes.

As mentioned earlier, carpets can provide shelter to a lot of miscreants over time. In addition to visible problems such as dust and dirt, your carpet can develop microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungus, dust mites etc. Such problems in your carpet not only ruin the appearance of your floor covering, but also affect the hygiene of your home or office to cause health problems to you and others in your home/office.

To maintain the aesthetics and hygiene of your carpet, you need regular carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning maintains the appearance of your carpet and removes stain, dirt and allergens through different methods. How often you need carpet cleaning varies based on the usage of your carpet. Also, you may need to clean your carpet more often if there are kids or pets in your home, or if anybody in home is suffering from an allergy. There are many different ways to clean carpets. However, all of these methods begin with vacuuming to remove dust.  Following are some commonly used carpet cleaning methods:

Steam Cleaning

A carpet cleaning method popular with homeowners, steam cleaning is effective for allergies. This method involves mixing hot water with detergent solution, working it into carpet, and then extracting it. Steam cleaning machines are up for sale but it is recommended that you let a professional carpet cleaning service take care of things.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning method is for those who don’t want to wait for the carpet to dry. This cleaning method involves spreading a powder over the carpet and then working it into the carpet. After a while, the carpet is vacuumed to remove the powder and potentially dirt.


In this cleaning method, detergents are applied to the carpet and a carpet cleaning machine is employed to agitate the carpet. Next, the carpet is vacuumed to extract the detergent. Finally, the carpet is deodorized and brightened using deodorizers and brighteners. As it generally leaves dirt and microbes in the carpet, shampooing is said to be the least effective carpet cleaning method.


A combination of dry cleaning and shampooing, foaming using as little water as possible to ensure the carpet dries quickly. In this cleaning method, a foam detergent is used to target dirt. The foam is worked into the carpet’s fibres and then extracted along with the dirt.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Used mostly in commercial and industrial carpet cleaning, bonnet carpet cleaning looks to restore the appearance of the carpet without providing a deep cleaning. In this method, detergent is applied to the carpet and then dirt is extracted from the carpet using a rotary carpet cleaning machine with absorbent pads.

The above methods are some of the commonly used carpet cleaning methods. However, carpet cleaning services use many other methods to restore the appearance and hygiene of your carpet. The methods will be revealed in the following sections.

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What Does a Carpet Cleaning Service Do?

When it comes to comfort, nothing compares to the feeling of warm carpeting under your feet. Not only does carpeting in your home or office make you feel comfortable, it also adds a lot of beauty to your come. But, all the walking, jumping and rolling on the carpet that happens the year around can take its toll on your floor covering.

While carpets take the brunt of the wear and tear in homes, they rarely get the cleaning and care they deserve. Regular vacuuming is not enough to remove all the dirt, allergens and dander in your carpet and you need the help of professional carpet cleaning service. Using harsh chemicals to chemical your carpets will not only ruin your carpet, but it will also have adverse health effects.

Carpet cleaning services can effectively remove even the most stubborn stains, debris and allergens from the carpet to prevent them from damaging your carpet and getting into the breathing air to affect your health.

Put simply, a professional carpet cleaning service Drayton NN11 9will provide a thorough cleaning to ensure that your carpet is stain free, sanitized and looks and smell great.

What Services Can They Provide?

Professional carpet cleaning services can provide a range of carpet cleaning services.Having your carpets professionally cleaned is not only important, it's necessary. Following is a quick look at some of the carpet cleaning methods that a professional carpet cleaning services uses to provide you with the benefits of a superior clean.

Carpet Cleaning

Obvious enough, this is the core service provided by carpet cleaning services in Drayton NN11 9.This service is available to both homes and offices. Most of the services use deep cleaning to attack dirt particles at the molecular levels on the carpet fibres. The process results in a carpet that is cleaner, dries quickly and doesn’t house any dirt, dust, allergens or other miscreants.

Pre- Vacuuming and Pre-treatment

Used to prime the carpet for deep cleaning, these steps involve the removal of dust and hair through vacuuming before the complete extraction process. Once this is done, a powerful, high-concentration cleaner is applied to break down embedded dirt in high traffic areas and noticeable spots. Next, powerful stain removers are used to remove stains that cannot be eliminated with ordinary carpet cleanings supplies.

Dirt Extraction and Deodorization

Using a powerful extraction system, all dirt embedded in the carpet is removed with dirt extraction. Using a highly effective steam cleaning system, this cleaning process cleans the base of the carpet fibres. Once the dirt is extracted, a quick dry process is used to remove excess water from the carpet. Finally, a deodorizing agent is used to keep the carpet smelling as good as it looks.

Neutralizer, Post Spot Treatment, and Grooming

This cleaning method makes your carpet resistant to dirt accumulation, while ensuring a softer feel to your carpet and keeping it clean for longer. This is followed by a survey of the carpet to identify any stains or spots that remain, which includes spotting that solution is applied to remove the stubborn spots.

This carpet cleaning method is a good way to eliminate stains better and extend the life of your carpet. The final step in the method involves carpet grooming where wand marks and footprints are removed. This is followed by the separation of carpet fibres are raising them for faster drying.

Pet Urine and Odour Removal

Standard carpet cleaning isn’t enough to remove pet urine stains. Since the urine can leave behind concentrated urine crystals that emit pungent odours even after the urine dries, removing the pet urine from the carpet is important. Carpet cleaning services in Drayton NN11 9 have the expertise, tools and products to efficiently clean pet urine from carpets and in doing so, eliminate the pungent odour it emits.

Area Rug Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services in Drayton NN11 9 can carefully handle and clean area rugs. Certified, trained specialists, the professionals perform a thorough evaluation of your area rug to determine the safest and most-effective way of cleaning it.

Speciality Stain Removal

Fruit juices, markers, paints, makeup etc. etc. Counting all the substances that can stain your carpets can be hard. No matter what the source, a professional carpet cleaning service in Drayton NN11 9 can remove the most stubborn of stains using the finest products and tools in the industry for this purpose.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A dirty, unkempt carpet can negatively impact an organization and the employees working for it. Remember, a clean carpet will leave a good impression of your company on your employees, partners and customers.

Depending on how much carpeting your office has, you may assume carpet cleaning responsibilities yourself, using vacuuming and rented carpet cleaning machines to clean your floor covering. However, DIY is generally not a good way to clean office carpets as it involves the use of harsh chemicals which may leave an unpleasant smell and residue in the carpet that attracts even more dirt and debris. This is why commercial carpet cleaning in Drayton NN11 9 makes sense. With commercial carpet cleaning, you can ensure a more effective carpet cleaning in your office that keeps your carpet cleaner for longer.

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Where Can I Find Carpet Cleaning Services in Drayton NN11 9?

So, you know how a professional carpet cleaning service can help you, but where can you find one in Drayton NN11 9.You can find them on Yolex—a website that makes it easy to find local experts, who specialize in exactly the type of work you need done. One you complete the short form on the site, Yolex will find the best local carpet cleaning services and you then choose the best expert depending on the quotes they give you. The service is totally free to consumers. With that clear, you may want to know how you can choose a reliable and experienced professional carpet cleaning service in Drayton NN11 9. If that is the case, then continue reading to get answers.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Service?

Using Yolex, you shortlist carpet cleaning services in the area that match your criteria. Now what? How do you choose from them? You can make the process simple by using the following tips to choose a professional carpet cleaning service:


Once Yolex provides you with best carpet cleaning services in your area, do some research on your own to determine which among them is best for you. Taken into consideration your specific needs and most importantly, your budget. Once you do that, you’ll find it easy to choose a suitable carpet cleaning service.

Choose the Service with the Best Equipment and Cleaning Solutions

This is a no brainer. If you want a thorough carpet cleaning, then you need to hire a service with the best equipment and cleaning solutions for the job. The carpet cleaning service you choose must have the most effective carpet cleaning techniques as well as the best equipment and cleaning products for your carpet. Also, make sure the products used by the service are certified and safe for use.

Choose a Service with Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge of a field is useful and if it is supplemented by relevant experience, then it can be a win-win situation for all involved. When choosing a carpet cleaning service for your home or office, look for a service with the knowledge and experienced required to fulfill your specific needs. This benefits you greatly in your search for the most suitable carpet cleaning service in Drayton NN11 9.

An experienced and knowledgeable professional carpet cleaning service can help keep your carpet in great shape and health. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning services in Drayton NN11 9, then visit us today!

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